Furniture Division

Kapera Multifactory division in furniture product is well known for it's international standard.

Our list of client and product portfolio are stretching globally, delivering various end products both indoor and also outdoor furniture needs.

Since our divisions is consisted of various material production, the endless combination of material is possible. With the craftmanship of experienced workers, creating your product design with Kapera is only limited to your creativity and imagination.

kapera furniture product on process
Kapera wood cutting process
Kapera wood measure

From rattan woven, fabric, plastic, aluminium, glass, to various kind of woods, Kapera Furniture division is offering wide array of materials to choose from.

We have our own product design team to ensuring reliable solution for the client's requirement. Both custom made furniture product designed from scratch or modification of the current design for further efficiency in delivery and usage endurance, Kapera product design team is working closely with the production team to achieve maximum result.

Our raw materials is also going through strict quality control process which gives positive impact on the quality of production and keeping defect waste to a minimum. And after the end product is finished, Kapera quality control team check each product before it is packed and ready for delivery.

Since most of our clients are overseas, logistic and delivery is playing major aspect to the production. Securing finished product and packaging is crucial to the safety and efficiency of the cost. Before every delivery, our team is planning and plotting each shipping container to keep the space available to optimal.